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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Nov 4, 2019.

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    Any educated guesses @RobHowe? I see the NEVER EVER WRONG crystal ball has him 83% Hawkeyes.
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    I've heard from people on both sides on this one claiming he's heading to their school. I honestly don't know.

    Grandfather played at Iowa. Hawkeyes were first to offer. Girlfriend is at Iowa State. Cyclones are putting more players in the NBA.
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    IMO Iowa would be a pretty ideal setup for Xavier....

    Kriener will be gone, Garza will be a senior. Xavier should be able to ease his way in right behind or beside Garza and then take over after that.

    It can't be denied that ISU is more athletic and has been more successful recently, but they also don't really play true centers either that I can remember. At least Fran has some history there with Woody and Garza. Not sure what thats worth...if anything at all.

    The GF thing is a massive wild card, but his family seems level headed enough for that.
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    Objectively, I think a case can be made for each program.
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    And now news breaking ISU freshman forward entering transfer portal.... Any correlation??
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    And Leech transfers as well.
    Not a good look Steve...
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    Is this good for the Hawks or bad because these guys are leaving knowing Foster is coming in??
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    Hey Xavier, just don't do the hat thing. Mkay? Thanks.:p
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    TWO enter the transfer protal before the season even starts!? That is MSU bad. It definitely does not look good for any program.
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    Honestly I think XF and his crew view him more as a power forward than a center. He’s not a banger down low, at least not right now. He’s more of a finesse player.

    On his last visit to Iowa they pitched him on playing alongside with the wide bodied Ogundele, who is still undecided.

    I do think Iowa sets up great. I think Pemsl and Kriener will both be gone, but Nunge and Garza will still be around. Whether he starts or not he won’t be asked to do more than he can as a freshman. I think that’s also good because although he’s rated pretty high, I don’t expect him to be a big time impact guy as freshman. He will be solid and do some nice things if he’s on a good team, but he isn’t carrying a team at the B1G level.
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    I doubt it has any correlation.
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    FWIW, I reached out to Ogundale and Sibley last week for the latest on their recruitment. Neither guy responded.
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    Zags Blog did have a Sibley update last week:

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    Found this on Ogundale

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    That Sibley article sounded promising. Certainly more good things said about Iowa and he is getting close to a decision.
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    Saw this on the Twitters. Who knows if it's true or not...

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    If you're a hawk fan your whole life, I could understand going to North Carolina or Kansas, but how could you possibly go to ISU?
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    Because he wants to be a vet some day?
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