Xavier Foster Commits To Iowa!!!

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by tksirius, Apr 1, 2019.

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    He Evil and dangerous
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    Thank you for your comment. I won't dip to your level.
  3. atomicblue224

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    I'm not scoping down to your level. Go find someone else to play with you.
  4. Fryowa

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    Scoping? What’s scoping?
  5. tksirius

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  8. tksirius

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    Did I just get punked by my own thread?
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    You got me, I'll admit.

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    I'm sure he likes it!
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    Fail again.

    You’ve gotten plenty of passes because of your mental capacity issues you whined about earlier, but shouldn’t you be at least getting a little bit better at this whole internet thing?

    I mean, what are my tax dollars paying for? If I’m going to pay for you to sit home all day and practice your Velcro shoes in between horrible attempts at humor, at least show some improvement.
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    Qanon said you're a dickweed! #wwg1wga!
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    You're so random.
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    When was X narrowing his list down?
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    I thought that was supposed to be last week. Guess not?