Year of the QB - Elite 11 camp

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Casey388, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Casey388

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    Did anyone else see this on ESPN last week? I saw that Houston made it into the 11 and so did Zeke Pike. But then Gunner Kiel was on the outside looking in.

    The surprising thing was a qb from Arkansas by the name of Neal Burcham, who is unrated by Rivals and Scout, was chosen as an MVP. He looked like a very talented quarterback but not much meat on his bones. Looked like someone we should at least look into, since at the time his only offer was to Arkansas State.

    RADMAN Well-Known Member

    I watched some of it. It was interesting how they do the camp. It also goes to show you that the star rating is so bogus. Not taking away from the 4-5 star kids, but for everyone of them there will be a sleeper that is in a small market and doesn't get the publicity. Iowa has long been known for finding them.
  3. ISUhawk

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    That doesn't make the star system bogus. The stars are just odds of how EARLY a kid can make a difference. A 2 star kid can still be a stud it is just that the odds are, he won't be good till junior or senior year while a 4 or 5 star is more developed EARLY.
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    ask Jake how credible an invite to an 'elite 11' camp is. i'm sure you can buy into these things.