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Discussion in 'Football' started by NikeHawk21, Nov 19, 2019.

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    I didn’t see this posted so I thought I would share. Iowa TE commit Elijah Yelverton from Texas will play in the UA All American Game. Logan Jones is playing in the Army All American game.

    Somehow the Yelverton kid is only ranked a 3*. He had offers from Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Michigan, Penn State, and LSU.

    Iowa’s other TE commit Luke Lachey got upgraded to a 4* on 247.
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    Great name!
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  3. Casey388

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    Yelverton is a great player. Earlier this year I turned on a random High School football game on ESPN. He was playing against another powerhouse in TX. In the 20 minutes or so that I was watching he had two or three huge receptions and a few great blocks in the run game.

    To be honest, I know Theo Johnson is a huge get, but either way we will be fine with the two TE recruits we have coming in.
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    I don't know what's going on with Theo Johnson's recruiting. Signing day is less than a month away and he recently announced he's basically pausing his recruitment.
  5. Stanzi

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    If Yelverton had committed to literally any of those other listed schools he'd be a 4 star.
  6. DJL

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    I don't disagree but it makes 0 sense. We just had 2 top 10 draft picks at the position so you would think committing to Iowa would help, not hurt the star rating.
  7. pythagoras

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    Stop treating star ratings as gospel
  8. homes

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    I read somewhere that Wisconsin's Jonathan Taylor was a 3 star. Goodson was a 3 star. Not all 3 stars are undetected 5 stars, but not all 3 stars are 3 stars, but some are, and some are 1 stars, and not all 5 stars are 5 stars, some are, and some are 3 stars that look like 5 stars and then they come to college and become no stars, or 3 stars. Got it?
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    When you commit to Iowa, your star progression is slowed. It’s a wag the dog situation. If a player commits to Iowa he must be a 3* because Iowa is a 3 star program. A true 4-5* recruit wouldn’t commit
    To iowa. Likewise when a 2* guy commits to Iowa he jumps to 3*.

    bottom line..I trust coaches way more than a 23 year old journalism major nerd working for rivals or 247.
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    Was he named after Yelverton Abraham Tittle?
  11. DJL

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    Who said I was?
  12. SteveGarvey1

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    If only Elijah was from Bethlehem, PA. He'd be the 3 star of Bethlehem.
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    Yeah hard telling what he's thinking. Could you imagine if he picks Iowa? I mean what a 3 some of TEs that'd make(nothing disturbing about that sentence)
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    Exactly. TJ was a low 3-star. He will make more this year than I will in my lifetime.
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    My brain is seeing stars after this post, but I get it. Its a BS system, but enough are close enough to right that it lends itself to legitimacy.
  16. pythagoras

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    If you have to ask, you'll never know
  17. DDThompson

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    Some use the recruiting stars for the talent determination for season projections
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  18. pythagoras

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    Cool, grats on being wrong a majority of the time.
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