Your or someone's worst/goofiest away game travel story

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    After seeing Northside's recent report on travel issues around Madison and replying to it I thought this might be a fun and informative thread.

    One story I have is about a friend who after the hawks beat Minny at Minny got lost on his way back to the hotel after a trip to the liquor store. I, my wife and a lot of us went up to the game and stayed down around Bloomington. Our friend drove his car basically across I35 , without his shoes on, bought some beer and liquor, but then could not figure out how to get back to the hotel. After he was taking a real long time getting back his wife got worried and his brothers, and I and other friends went in search of him. Finally one or our group of searchers stopped into this same store and asked "Did you see a doofus looking guy with no shoes, glasses and a mustache in here?" The clerk said yes and he left but then came back and paid two kids to drive him back to the hotel. We just laughed, hope he didnt get rolled, and went back to the hotel and there he was. He has never lived this down for 40 years.

    Any other good or bad stories? Forgetting where you parked your car, losing or locking in your keys (which reminds me of another story).
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    Another one which didnt turn out too bad was when I and some friends were in high school in fall of 1970 one of the guys wanted to go to the iowa st kansas st game in Manhattan. The one guy's brother was at KU so we went down on Friday and did some Lawrence partying. Then on Saturday we went over KSU as the Wildcats had a good team with Mack Herron at running back and a top QB I cant remember his name who went on to play with the Bears etc. ISU was decent so we expected a good game. We got to a huge field parking lot outside the smallish stadium and our driver left the car running as we all got out and then he locked the door. Then he discovered what he did. It took us a few minutes to find a lady with a wire coat hanger and our friend used it to open his car. We just laughed at him a lot after words.
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    Things are easier now with cell phones and cars that cant be locked when they are running with the keys in them.
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    Me and a buddy went to the Minnesota game back in the late 80s. We were young and dumb. But we had a 4 year streak of going to away games and this was one. We got there and it is typical Minny weather. 10 degrees and snow. Game is int he dome.
    Well, we didnt have tickets or a place to stay. We had a buddy who was there with his GF and another couple. We were hoping to crash with them. But the GF didnt like me and they blew us off. Shoot, what are we going to do? We still have no tickets or a place to stay.
    We wander into a bar and there is a big contingent of Hawk fans. We are drinking and telling our sob story and they invite us to the game and to ride the bus with them. So we got free tickets sitting in the end zone with a bunch of Hawk fans and a free ride. We went tot he bar with them after the game, we are thinking we are going to have to sleep in my car and it is brutally cold. But a couple steps up and offers to let us spend the night in their room. 2 total strangers to them. Crazy. We accept.

    That was a crazy weekend. But I will never forget the generosity of the group and especially that couple.
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    Chicago approx 1980, Hawkeyes vs. kitty cats. 4 of us flew over in a little private airplane saturday morning, got rental car and went to the game. After the game we hit Rush Street. Back in those days, poured a lot of liquor and illegal drugs into my body. We came out of a bar about midnight and I somehow got separated from the other 3. I had the keys to the rental car so went in search of it. Took me about 2 hours to finally find it. Somehow found my way to the hotel, the other guys had gotten a cab. I was so relieved to have found the hotel I got in the room, didnt even turn on the light and got into bed. Next morning, got up and I had brown goo all over me. I thought oh no, in my drunken stupor I must have shit myself. I got up and went into the bathroom and a little piece of foil was stuck to my ass. It was then that I discovered the hotel had left little chocolate mints on the pillow. When I got in bed in the dark I didnt see em. 40 years later my buds still remind me of that weekend.
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    What does "Googiest" mean?
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    TCO taken care of
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    Hilarious and great you would admit to this. And it also makes me wonder how many times you were so wasted you actually shit the bed