GameFilm: Skill Positions

September 19, 2011

Written by Jon Miller

Hawkeye Nation

Coker had a fairly average day in this game. Pitt’s attacking 3-4 made it tough for Iowa get everyone accounted for at times, but Coker also was slow to press the seam at times.  Coker showed flashes on a few runs in this game and started using the stiff arm to beat tacklers. With the couple of fumbles he had early on he has pretty reluctant to take two hands off the ball even in open space. He still showed solid power and got his pads down most of the time but he needs to continue to improve each week at beating tacklers 1 on 1. Liked the very short look we had at Damon Bullock out there. Looked to have good vision and hit the hole hard when he saw it. I would guess we’ll see more of Bullock next week.

Herman and Derby saw some targets in the passing game in this one and they were effective. Both showed reliable hands and make the catch when they got their shot.  Herman is still pretty clearly the guy in the base offense who will see the most looks, but Derby was the guy in the no huddle package.  Herman’s run blocking continues to be solid but Derby had some issues in pass protection in this one. He was asked to set the edge on rollouts several times and was matched up with guys off PA fakes as well. CJF saw limited action in this one and his blocking wasn’t especially good when I had my eyes on him. He didn’t see any targets in the passing game in this one either.

This was a huge game for the Iowa WR trio as they piled up the catches, yards and touchdowns. All three guys showed great ability and fearlessness going up and getting high passes in traffic. All three beat man coverage at times and sat down in holes in zone looks as well. All three showed impressive body control and adjusted to the football in the air which are the hallmarks of well coached WRs. For having never run a no-huddle look in game these guys took to it very well. They were sharp in their routes and continually made plays and didn’t’ look gassed at all. Lots of YAC from this group throughout this game as well, and while some credit for that goes to JVB for being accurate, there were many times the WR did it on their own by breaking tackles and making guys miss.  KMM’s emergence in this game will help keep double teams away from KD and McNutt as well. Teams will think twice about bracketing the outside guys if the TE’s and slot WR’s are big threats.

The Good & Bad


+1 Nice job being physical on the blitz pickup as he gives JVB time to throw off the fake. D1 Play 1

-1 Needs to get down hill when hole is there. Made 3 cuts on a play when he really needed 1. Not a guy who’s got great COD ability and it cost him a chance for a solid gain on a well blocked play. D4 Play 2

+1 Solid physical blitz pickup as he engages and takes the blizter to the ground and allows JVB time to find a target. D5 Play 6

+1 Nice job recognizing the cut back lane here and makes a few guys miss to give Iowa some breathing room backed up inside their 10. D6 Play 1

-1 Slow to attack a very well blocked play and gets tackled by the safety for a gain of only 2 here. Everyone else was blocked and all he needs to do is make that guys miss and he doesn’t do it here. D8 Play 1

+1 Makes use of the stiff arm and makes the safety miss here as he picks up a big gainer on 1st down. D9 Play 3

+1 Sees the big hole and got downhill as fast as he had all day. Ran low and drove forward through contact. D15 Play 2

Overall: +3



+1 Great carry here as cuts back after seeing the over-pursuit and gets down hill quickly and nearly scores on the play. Looked like he got in on the replay. D11 Play 4

Overall: +1



-1 Looks lost here as he runs into a DT and gets knocked off his feet by a LB who makes the tackle on Coker. Needs beter awareness here. D5 Play 2

+1 Nice job taking on the first LB to show and re-routing him to give Coker a chance to make a play. D7 Play 2

+1 Excellent job blocking the attacking LB here as he delivered a pop and stayed with the LB in the hole. Nice block. D15 Play 2

Overall: +1


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+1 Nice job on the corner route here as he beats man coverage and plucks the ball with his hands away from his body. D1 Play 1

+1 Nice job maintaining contact on his block here with the OLB. Good physical run blocking and good technique. D1 Play 3 ‘

-1 Got arm-overed by Lindsey here and he brings down Coker in the hole for no gain. D2 Play 1

+1 Sealed the edge here as he just manhandles hte OLB and opens up the outside for Coker. D5 Play 3

+1 Nice job getting a quick release through the bump and finding the hole in the coverage and catching with his hands away from his body here. D6 Play 2

-1 False start D7 Play 6

Overall: +2



Overall: Push


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-1 Holding call Very obvious as he grabbed jersey after Lindsey got by him. D3 Play 1

+1 Excellent physical block as he got out to the LB here and bullied him 6-7 yards down field. D8 Play 1

-1 Doesn’t get a hand on Lindsey in pass protection on the designed rollout here as he tried to stalk block him. Needs to be ready to tie it up when asked to set the edge for the bootleg. D8 Play 2

+1 Nice seal down here as he lets Zusevics get the reach on the POA LB, and then gets another block on the backside linebacker downfield. D9 Play 3

-1 Torched by Ejaun Price on a pure speed move in pass pro here and gives up a huge sack. D10 Play 4

+1 Excellent pass protection here as he picks up the blitzer and shields JVB long enough to get the ball out. D11 Play 2

+1 Nice catch here as he is running up the seam and comes down with the ball in some traffic. D12 Play 1

Overall: +1



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+1 One of the better one hand grabs I’ve seen. Just reaches back and plucks it out of the air. Tremendous catch. D5 Play 5

+1 Wide open on the cross  and he turns it up field afer the catch and adds to an already big play. D5 Play 6

+1 Excellent job selling his route here in the red-zone as he slips behind the defenders and nearly bails out JVB with another 1 handed grab but was unable to get to it in bounds. D5 Play 15

+1 Good route as he had a ton of separation on the hitch and picked up extra yards after the catch as well. D10 Play 1

+1 Great catch here as he had just cleared the underneath coverage and went up to get this throw in traffic. D12 Play 3

Overall: +5



+1 Great athleticism shown here as he goes up and gets the rocket that JVB fired  up high for him to go and get. D5 Play 9

+1 Simple shallow in route underneath and finds hole and picks up big YAC on second and very long to make it a manageable 3rd down. D7 Play 6

+1 Great play as he goes up and gets the fade in bounds and after the review it’s a very nice play. Great body control. D11 Play 1

+1 Just torched his man on the play as he got him to flip his hips oepn the wrong way and just beat him up the seam for the score. D12 Play 7

+1 Great YAC as he just puts his head down and drags DBs on the simple 5 yard hitch. Ends up a 15 yrd gain. D13 Play 7

Overall: +5



+1 Excellent route as he catches the ball in full stride here and picks up a big gainer. D11 Play 2

+1 Seam vert here as he separates and does a great job with body control as he reels in the TD catch. D13 Play 8

+1 Great timing on his jump the vert route again here as he goes and gets it for the go ahead TD. D14 Play 8

Overall: +3


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