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October 18, 2009

Written by Jon Miller

(be sure to read to the bottom, as you will have a chance to win a FREE trip to Iowa’s bowl game this year!)

Welcome to the all new, and 100% FREE

How will this site be different from the past versions of  First off, I just said it; it’s totally free and totally advertising supported.  If something interests you, check it out.  But we won’t be asking you for any money; it’s all on us!  You might say we are stepping into the DeLorean and setting the clock back to 1999 & 2000, when was in its heyday and it was totally free.  Time to get back to the future!

It’s going to be more interactive, taking advantage of today’s social networking options and the latest in blogging and message board technology.  There are going to be scores of differences you will notice right away, plus more upgrades we plan to roll out over the first few weeks.

You will have the chance to comment on the stories/blog postings here on the front ‘content’ portion of the site (you will see that area when you finish reading this item), plus we will have message boards where you will be able to interact with fellow Hawkeye fans like you always have, but the software we will be using is much more powerful, easy to use and technologically advanced than previous versions of the message boards.

For those of you that had usernames on our old Scout site, those names will be reserved for you.  You should be receiving an email within 48 hours of Sunday night (10-18-09) with instructions on how to reserve your familiar username.  If someone should ‘take it’ before you have a chance to secure it, you will have the rights to it and we will ‘make it right’.

This site will be an Iowa Hawkeye Information Clearinghouse; we will provide our own content, such as our popular Monday Morning Quarterback Series with Jared Clauss, plus other recurring features and commentaries I have enjoyed putting together through the years.  We will also be gathering information that other news outlets write related to Iowa, in addition to providing our two cents worth on those items.

Here is one more big difference: YOU will have a chance to be a part of this site, and I am not just talking about posting on the message board.  Many people have contacted me through the years, asking about being a part of the team.  For those of you with a passion and an ability for writing, we will consider placing such offerings on our front page.  Plus, we will roll out ‘blogger’ sections within the message board component of the site for the aspiring writers out there, and other users can ‘subscribe’ to your page and comment on your content!  As I mentioned before, all of this will be 100% FREE and it has been designed with one thing in mind; creating the ultimate site for Iowa fans that can also be a place for some of you to have an even greater ‘say’ than you have ever had in the past.

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This is just the start.  We have a lot more in the works and you will see that progress early on, but we don’t want to give away all of the surprises right out of the box.

We hope to make this a part of your daily Iowa Hawkeye experience, and provide you a Hawkeye Hub where the information Iowa fans are discussing throughout each day can be found at one place.

If you would like to learn more about why I made the move away from, CLICK HERE.  If you are looking for drama or messy breakups, you will not find it.  The separation from was quite amicable and I am thankful for that.  Also, Rob Howe will be taking over as Publisher of the Iowa Scout site, and I wish him nothing but the best, and you will be seeing a lot of his work linked on this site.

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If you are an active member or message board user at other sites, that’s great!  You are welcome here, and we will strive to keep our message boards all about sharing, reporting and commenting about the Iowa Hawkeyes in a non-competitive and non-adversarial fashion.  We don’t look at any other website or community as a competitor; we just want to get it all out there and let you enjoy what we have to offer, and highlight the best of what other Iowa related sites are offering, too.  I hope that you find that to be a refreshing change and something that makes you want to come back to this site multiple times per day.

I greatly appreciate your taking the time to read this and to visit the new site.  Please add it to your bookmarks, and be sure to sign up for our twitter account at

Our stories, content items and news alerts will be automatically posted to our account daily, and as we post them.  That is just one of the neat new features we are offering.

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One final point:  anyone that signs up for a FREE user account, and all that requires is an active email address and creating your username, will be automatically added in our IOWA BOWL TRIP GIVEAWAY!  One person is going to win a FREE trip to this year’s bowl game.  All signups through December 5th will be eligible, and one user will be selected at random and announced on December 6th.  Even if you never plan on posting on our message boards, you will still be eligible to win this prize. CLICK HERE to get signed up.  The process takes just seconds, and there are no strings attached to this giveaway.

I ask one favor of you:  Spread the word!  Email your family and friends, post to your twitter account and facebook pages that is ALL NEW, and ALL FREE.  We endeavor to make this site something all Iowa fans can and will be proud of, unlike any fansite in existence today.  Thanks for giving us a look.

Best Regards,

Jon Miller
[email protected]

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