Connor McCaffery Rutgers Look Pass

Connor McCaffery

IOWA CITY, Iowa – As a two-sport athlete, Connor McCaffery is feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic more than most folks competing at the University of Iowa. He’s preparing to return to the basketball court and baseball diamond once administrators give the all-clear.

The coronavirus spread throughout the hoops squad leading to an extended quarantine period this summer. Alternate activities during the shutdown included a home run derby with teammates including Luka Garza and Joe Toussaint. He revealed the results.

The virus created heightened concern for family members, including his younger sister, Marit, who suffers with asthma. He’s taken extra precautions.

HN caught up with the junior-eligible Hawkeye for updates on a wild and unusual 2020, which included him joining the Big Ten’s Anti-Hate and Anti-Racism Coalition and becoming a representative for Iowa’s new Multicultural Focus Group. He discussed his passion for equality.

We talked about high expectations for Iowa basketball and the growing rivalry with Illinois. He spoke about the five incoming freshmen and dealing with the pressure of being the coach’s kid.