Asa Newsom

'23 Waverly-Shell Rock linebacker Asa Newsom

Asa Newsom and his older brother, Mosai Newsom, grew up dreaming about teaming up in college for a quarterback sack. The younger sibling's football development has now made that possible but not certain. 

First, Asa would need to join Mosai at Nebraska, where the latter is a third-year defensive lineman. Then they would have to be on the field at the same time and drop the signal caller. 

Time will tell if the vision becomes a reality. 

While Mosai would love for his brother to join him in Lincoln, he is encouraging Asa to make a decision that's best for him. That might mean Asa ends up on the opposite sideline. 

Iowa offered Asa a scholarship Sunday after he camped with the Hawkeyes. The Waverly-Shell Rock (IA) High linebacker has admired them for awhile. 

"Just as someone on the outside who is familiar with Iowa Football, it seems like they're always that team that's a solid team every year," he said to HN. "They always seem like they know how to win in the Big Ten and they're always in some sort of bowl game.

"I just think that that's really impressive. To be able to consistently win at a high level like that is impressive." 

Asa (6-4, 215) experienced what it was like being coaches by the Hawkeye staff at the camp. It was positive. 

"I really enjoyed learning from the coaches, just their teaching of the game. I enjoyed the drills we did and I thought the camp ran really smoothly," he said. 

Linebacker coach Seth Wallace let him know Iowa was offering. He also spoke with defensive line coach Kelvin Bell, who recruited Mosai. 

"They said being able to take their teaching, their coaching, and being able to translate it into the drills impressed them. They said I looked really good moving around and that I was physical," Asa said. 

With two years of high school ball remaining, he's not in a hurry to make a decision. He's focused on getting to better know coaching staffs and programs. He wants to visit campuses for game-day environments this fall. 

While Asa has been around Husker coaches a little bit more than other staffs, he doesn't feel they have any decided advantage. He's navigating the recruiting process with an open mind. 

"It would be super cool if we end up playing together, but he also understands that Mosai is Mosai and Asa is Asa, and that my path is going to be a little bit different than his," Asa said. 

As a sophomore, Asa recorded 30 tackles (22 solo) and intercepted a pass. He rushed 91 times for 670 yards and six touchdowns, and caught seven passes for 138 yards. He returned six kicks for 61 yards. 

Here's a look at his sophomore highlights: