Carter Kingsbury

Class of 2021 Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster Academy guard Carter Kingsbury.

Carter Kingsbury knew about his father's college basketball exploits. During the last few days, he discovered what Chris Kingsbury meant to the Hawkeye faithful. 
"I know quite a lot of what my dad accomplished while he was at Iowa," Carter told HN. "I’m just now seeing really how big of a crowd he still has with all these tweets coming in. It's great to see."
Carter (6-5, 225) accepted a preferred walk-on opportunity from Iowa during the weekend. He graduated from Ponca (NE) High in 2020 before spending a year at Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster Academy. 
He'll join the Hawkeyes for the upcoming season and welcomes what comes with walking in his father's footsteps. 
"People will make comparisons, I’m sure, and I’m fine with that. I have to earn people's respect while I’m there, and that goes for the coaches, teammates and fans," Carter said. 
Several Division II schools offered him scholarships while he was at Ponca High. He decided instead on a year at Brewster Academy. Once there, he picked up an offer from American University, and considered walk-on opportunities from North Dakota and South Dakota. 
"I felt that Iowa was the place to go after my dad had talked to coach (Fran) McCaffery a couple times. He let us know that he would take care of me while I was there, and that’s what it came down it," Carter said. 
Chris Kingsbury was known for his ability to knock down shots from deep. He set an Iowa record of 117 made three-pointers in '95-96 that still stands as a seasonal mark today. He sank 226 treys in his three-year college career, which ranks fourth on the all-time school list.  
"I'd say, obviously, we're both three-point shooters and that is what people see first. I’m also a big body for a guard like he was, and I'm able to use my size with smaller guards," Carter said.
"Things that are different aren’t as easy to really see. He was a little more athletic, at least in high school, before his ankle injury. I’ve been trying to lose weight to get a little quicker, and it’s paying off." 
Assistant Kirk Speraw led Iowa's pursuit of Carter Kingsbury. McCaffery and Chris Kingsbury built a bond during the process. 
"A goal of mine is to earn a scholarship while at Iowa, but I realize they aren’t given. Coach McCaffery told my dad that that’s what they want, too, but if I’m able to earn a scholarship at a different school, he would still help me out and do what’s best for me," Carter said. 
A high-end education also played into his decision. He scored 26 on his ACT. 
"As of right now, I'm looking at a Sports Studies major. I’m still not 100 percent in on this. I’ve looked at Business Administration as well, which gives a wide variety of careers after college, and I could still coach, too," Carter said. 
Here are some of Carter's highlights from Brewster Academy: 

Here are his senior season highlights from Ponca (NE) High: