Charles Jagusah

'23 Rock Island (IL) Alleman lineman Charles Jagusah (center). 

The conversation between Charles Jagusah, his mother, Doak Jagusah, and Iowa Football defensive line coach Kelvin Bell went well Monday afternoon. They connected and the vibe was good. 

Unfortunately, one of the most important parts of their discussion was lost in translation. The Jagusah's didn't know for sure that Bell offered Charles a scholarship. 

"It was kind of funny because he kind of said it without saying it," Charles told HN. "So, initially I wasn't sure if he offered me a scholarship. Later when we got home, my mom called the coaches to talk to them a little bit. 

"They were like, "did you realize that we offered you a scholarship?" We were like, 'no.'" 

The Hawkeye see Charles Jagusah (6-5, 290) as a defensive lineman. Missouri's offer to the Rock Island (IL) Alleman High junior-to-be is for the offensive line. 

"It's king of 50-50. I like playing defense a little more, but I'm kind of going to go off how next season goes and maybe make a decision from there on where I'd like to play in college," he said. 

The Jagusahs visited Iowa on Monday. He didn't camp because he's still recovering from a broken leg suffered during his sophomore season, which was played in the spring. 

"Its a really historic campus. Getting around and seeing everything was nice. It was a lot to take in at first. I didn't really have a lot of questions for him because I was just kind of looking at everything," Charles said. 

He's taking the process slowly after the 15-month long dead period just ended at the beginning of the month. There's a lot more he wants to see and learn about schools to find out that is best for him. 

"For me, it's just about getting to know the coaches. One of the main driving factors in my decision will be how well I know the coaches and can I see myself playing there," he said. 

Charles feels like his first in-person meeting with the Iowa staff went well. 

"They're honest. They're pretty straightforward. They tell you what they mean. I really appreciate that," he said. 

Bell asked him why he felt he'd be a good fit in the Hawkeye program. 

"I told him that I feel like I'm hardworking and smart enough to play there. If I give it everything, then I can do it," Charles said. 

He came into the month without a scholarship offer, so Jagusah still is processing what is future can be. 

"I'm just trying to see everything and take in as much as I can because I've still got awhile before I have to make any decisions. It's definitely starting to sink in that people think I can play at that high of a level," he said. 

Jagusah also has wrestled throughout his young life. As a freshman in 2020, he finished fourth at the state meet as a heavyweight. 

In addition to wrestling, he focused on soccer and baseball until junior high. Then he got his first taste of football. 

"Once I got to seventh grade, I realized it was something I really wanted to do and I had a chance to be good at it. I just kept working hard, and I'm starting to get there," he said. 

That's for sure. Halfway through his high school career, and he has two Power 5 offers. He's also hearing from Illinois, Iowa State and LSU. 

Here's a look at Jagusah's highlights: