Cooper DeJean

Iowa Football recruit Cooper DeJean in Drake Stadium during 2021 Iowa State High School Track Championships. 

DES MOINES - Cooper DeJean celebrated a fast time in the 4x100 meter relay prelims with his three teammates Friday here on the infield at Drake Stadium. That OABCIG foursome would go on to win the event a day later, and its bond was apparent. 

It's why DeJean, the school's star, multi-sport athlete, never really considered enrolling early at Iowa, where he will play football for the Hawkeyes. While other members of his Hawkeye recruiting class chose to start college in January, DeJean was committed to completing high school with life-long friends. 

"I knew I wanted to finish out my senior year and play basketball and run track with all these guys, soak it in one last time," DeJean said. "These guys have done so much for me. I owe it to them to stay back, finish out my senior year and live it up with them."

DeJean won the Class 2A 100 meters and long jump last week, and finished second in the 200. He was named the state's Gatorade Football Player of the year and earned first-team all-state laurels in basketball. 

He's coming to Iowa as a defensive back after leading the Falcons to a state championship in the fall playing quarterback. He holds high hopes for his college career and plans on hard working getting him to where he wants to go. 

DeJean spoke with HN about these topics and more in this 1-on-1 interview: