Schwartz: 10 Sentences: Scattershot Edition

May 12, 2019

Written by David Schwartz

By David Schwartz

We’re spraying to all fields in the latest edition of the Sunday 10 Sentences: 

1. Congratulations to Hawkeye and Chicago Bears offensive lineman James Daniels, who graduated Saturday from the University of Iowa and took part in the school’s really, really, really long graduation ceremony – if you’re an Iowa grad or know an Iowa grad and have sat through that thing, you know what I’m talking about.

2. The coolest part, of course – beyond the fact that when a high-profile, highly compensated, successful athlete returns to finish a degree you know it’s for accomplishment more than financial implications – is that he wore his Chicago Bears jersey under his graduation gown.

3. From any point of view, there is zero negative to a Hawkeye feeling good about herself, succeeding academically, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. 

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4. Still, it’s remarkable how intertwined a university and its athletic programs have become, although most of the surprise factor of that has worn off; thousands of people graduated this weekend from the UI, and many will be doing work such as education, the sciences, and who knows what else.

5. But give one the ability to stand in front of and protect a quarterback while wearing a jersey as historic as that of the Bears, and suddenly it becomes the sort of story that sneaks its way onto Sports Center – which is fine, although it’s also a telltale sign of a community – in multiple senses of the word – with its priorities not 100 percent rooted in the best long-term interests of its constituents.

6. OK, enough psychosocial analysis of Daniels’s well-earned degree and a cool moment on the Iowa City campus; let’s move on to something that, a few days ago, most of us had never thought was something we’d need to think about.

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7. If tweets are to be believed (believed at your own peril!), Iowa State is among the programs vying for the services of former Hawkeye and now blue-chip senior transfer Isaiah Moss.

8. He left, and I think most of us were like, “Well, that’s a major bummer for the men’s basketball team,” but we understood his reasoning – he wanted more playing time – and we wished him the best; no blood, no foul.

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9. In that moment it never crossed our minds that one team that might pursue Moss would be the Cyclones – and it should have crossed our minds, because there are few major-conference, Division I programs in the country over the last 10-15 years that have been as transfer-reliant as ISU – and now it’s become a legit possibility that when the Hawkeyes travel to Ames this coming season to play ISU, Moss might be waiting there for them as a member of the opposing team.

10. But if that news was a bit unsettling, at least Iowa fans also received the positive news that Cordell Pemsl’s hardship waiver was approved by the NCAA so that he can play two more seasons with the Hawkeyes, so if Moss does move to Ames, at least we’ll have Pemsl on our side to help make sure the Hawkeyes don’t end up regretting not giving Moss the additional minutes he was hoping for – and quite possibly deserved.

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