Schwartz: 10 Sentences Week in Review

December 2, 2018

Written by David Schwartz

Iowa’s football team didn’t play this week, but men’s basketball beat Pitt and lost to Wisconsin to climb to 6-1, while women’s basketball fell to 4-2 following a 105-71 loss at No. 1 Notre Dame. Here’s the Hawkeye week that was, in 10 sentences:

1. Thinking back to Friday night’s 72-66 men’s basketball loss to Wisconsin reminds me that often in basketball you can find certain plays, random stretches, or something odd to explain who won and who lost, but sometimes it’s simpler than that: sometimes you lose because you just didn’t shoot very well.

2. The Hawkeyes shot 35 percent from three-point range in their win over Oregon; 39 percent in their win over Pitt; but just 25 percent (6-for-24) in their six-point loss to Wisconsin, and there you have it.

3. It was a bummer of a loss, but what can fans do except cross our fingers and hope next time the ball goes through the hoop.

4. It’ll be interesting to see what Noah Fant can do at the next level after deciding to leave Iowa early for the NFL—the absolute right decision for Iowa’s highest-scoring tight end in program history and a possible first-round pick; plus, I’ve never been ambiguous about where I stand when it comes to high-level athletes and their ability to earn a living.

5. Still, I’m curious how different—if at all—Iowa’s offense will look in the bowl game without Fant on the field, and, sure, one could argue the Hawkeyes didn’t use him to his full potential (or that he himself didn’t play to his full potential, but I’m not sure that’s fair), but opposing defenses at least had to account for him when he was around, and now they won’t.

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6. Outback, Holiday, Redbox, Capital One—I don’t have a preference where the Hawkeyes go as long as their opponent is interesting, and out of all the possibilities we’ve seen, the most interesting would be, who … Stanford?

7. It’s hard to know what to make out of Iowa’s loss in women’s basketball to top-ranked Notre Dame: On one hand, Notre Dame is Notre Dame, and they played like the best team in the country, but on the other, yeesh, that third quarter, in which the Hawkeyes were outscored 34-14, well, hopefully they can find something from the experience they can use positively through the rest of the season.

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8. Gary Dolphin made Fran McCaffery and athletic director Gary Barta sad last week when he didn’t realize he was on the air and unloaded the ultimate disrespectful insult: backup point guard Maishe Dailey sometimes dribbles with his head down and McCaffery has struggled to recruit point guards, which led Barta to put out a passive-aggressive press release that introduced “ongoing tensions” into the UI-Dolphin public narrative that literally no one of import knew about before the release (even if they did play nice Friday night).

9. If there’s something ongoing between UI Athletics and Dolphin, as sometimes happens in work places, it could have been handled in-house, but Barta instead turned a molehill into a mountain with a press release so carelessly crafted that it would barely earn a “C-” in an intro-level PR class.

10. Let’s rewrite the press release as it should have been written in the first place:

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“Gary Dolphin’s comments that made it on air Tuesday night do not reflect the sentiment or mission of University of Iowa Athletics. Gary has spoken to the team and apologized to Maishe personally and has accepted his two-game suspension. We look forward to putting this behind us as the Hawkeyes continue their strong start to the 2018-19 season.”

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