Schwartz: Ten Sentences From Megan Gustafson’s WNBA Release

May 26, 2019

Written by David Schwartz

It’s hard to know what to say about this one. Here are 10 sentences that make the attempt:

1. Sometimes life hits you from the blindside, like an edge rusher who blows by an overmatched left tackle.

2. Here’s something posted to an Instagram story last week by Megan Gustafson:

3. This came after Gustafson, who scored more than 2,800 career points for the Hawkeyes and earned multiple NCAA Women’s Basketball Player of the Year Honors, was a preseason cut last week by the Dallas Wings, the team that took her 17th overall in last month’s WNBA Draft.

4. It’s by no means the end of her professional career, but it’s still enough to make you sad.

5. As fans, we watched her mature from a great player into a holy &^%! player, cheered her, screamed at refs who let opposing players mug her, and held our collective breath as she and her teammates nearly reached this year’s Final Four.

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6. And now this.

7. “Talent is So Deep in the WNBA, the Reigning Naismith Player of the Year Doesn’t Have a Team to Start the Season,” shouted a Yahoo! Sports headline – and we’re all right there with you, Yahoo.

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8. I’m not enough of a WNBA expert to know whether Dallas’ roster was too deep, or Gustafson was not tall enough to play center or not quick enough to play power forward in the league, but talent is talent, so one can imagine it’s only a matter of time before she catches on with another WNBA team or launches a successful career overseas, where leagues pay professional women’s players more than they’re paid in the United States.

9. And yeah, money is important, and being appreciated is important, but dang – there’s just something about being able to watch our Hawkeye family play from time to time on TV that would have been special, and no doubt it would have been fun for her real family, too; WNBA games are broadcast regularly in the U.S., but you’ll have to do some searching to track down overseas games, which is why it feels like a holiday whenever the occasional Aaron White highlight floats across Twitter.

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10. Gustafson no doubt isn’t feeling sorry for herself, so we shouldn’t feel sorry for her either, but we can wait with anticipation for her next move, whether it’s another WNBA team, Europe, or whatever else she chooses to do, because as she herself posted, “you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

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