Schwartz: The Minnesota Win in 10 Sentences

October 7, 2018

Written by David Schwartz

Ten thoughts in 10 sentences—Floyd Stays in Iowa City edition. The Hawkeyes on Saturday defeated Minnesota, 48-31, to improve to 4-1:

1. Four straight wins in the game for Floyd of Rosedale doesn’t need any sort of spin or context—it’s awesome, and what a huge morale boost for the Hawkeyes in their first game since the tough loss to Wisconsin two weeks ago.

2. Nate Stanley’s 314 yards passing shot him past the 1,000-yard (and 1,100-yard) mark for the season and firmly puts him on track—so long as he stays healthy—to equal or surpass some of the markers of last year’s strong season, including passing yards and completion percentage, but with eight touchdown passes through five games he has a long way to go if he’s going to reach last year’s total of 26.

3. As solid as Stanley was overall, it’s probably best if we give him a pass on the absolutely brutal—BRUTAL—interception he threw into the hands of Minnesota’s Jacob Huff at the end of the first half.

4. Sometimes we—OK, I—forget that college players A) are 1-3 years removed from high school, and B) are not professional-level players, and therefore are prone to sometimes making inexplicable mistakes like Stanley did on the interception; brain farts happen, you know?

5. Random disposable fact about Riley Moss, the Iowa freshman who intercepted two passes on Saturday: two hours after the game had ended, he was still in the Top 10 trending topics on Twitter in the United States, an interesting accomplishment given all the college football and Supreme Court discussion that was taking place.

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6. The targeting call against Hawkeye linebacker Amani Jones did not look like targeting; it’s commendable that the NCAA is trying to make football less unsafe, but that call went too far, and I’m still not sure how the targeting call was upheld even after it was reviewed by officials.

7. The best description of T.J. Hockenson’s fancy-schmancy touchdown against the Gophers came in this headline on Deadspin: “How the Hell Did Iowa Pull This Off?”

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8. Iowa’s next opponent, Indiana, did the most Indiana Football thing possible Saturday by hanging with Ohio State for three quarters before letting the Buckeyes run away with it in the fourth—seriously, if you’re ever in the mood to kill time, look up how many times the last 5-10 seasons Indiana has been unable to close in the fourth quarter.

9. Between Iowa’s bye week, Saturday’s win over Minnesota, and next week’s game at Indiana, Kinnick Stadium will have gone from four games in four weeks to no games in about a month.

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10. Although Minnesota at times gave Iowa a challenge, overall it was nice for the Hawkeyes to win a game that didn’t require a whole ton of drama and other stress, because over the course of a long, grueling season, sometimes you just need to get in, win, and get out.

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