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Hawkeye Predictions for North Texas

Jon Miller

September 25, 2015

The Iowa Hawkeyes host North Texas on Saturday. This should be a game where the backups get a lot of playing time. Here are our predictions

The Koehn Project: Your Videos of The Kick

Jon Miller

September 20, 2015

Marshall Koehn’s 57-yard field goal to beat Pitt will be remembered for decades. Here is a collection of fan videos of the fantastic moment

Hawkeye Predictions for Pittsburgh

Jon Miller

September 18, 2015

The Hawkeyes are 2-0 and the HN team is a combined 11-1 with their predictions on Iowa’s start to the season. Here are their picks for the Iowa-Pittsburgh game

Schwartz: The Most Important Position in Sports

David Schwartz

September 17, 2015

The most important position in sports? That’s a quarterback. David Schwartz writes about how Iowa has the right one under center.

Schwartz: Appreciating a Rivalry

David Schwartz

September 11, 2015

Hearts have been heavy in Hawkeye Nation this week. David Schwartz offers up a more light hearted column and the beauty of a rivalry like the CyHawk Series

Hawkeye Predictions for Iowa State

Jon Miller

September 11, 2015

The team of HawkeyeNation.com contributors go on the record with their thoughts and predictions for Saturday’s game against Iowa State

Hawkeye Predictions for Illinois State

Jon Miller

September 4, 2015

The Hawkeyes kick off the 2015 football season Saturday against Illinois State. Here are our predictions for the game from six HawkeyeNation.com contributors

Four Story Lines for 2015 Football Season

David Schwartz

September 3, 2015

The 2015 season is nearly upon us. David Schwartz shares with us for big story lines he will be watching this year.

The Ballad of Jordan Canzeri

David Schwartz

August 27, 2015

Jordan Canzeri’s time in Iowa City is running out and he has taken a lot of hits. David Schwatz says this is Canzeri’s year to hit back

Schwartz: Deafening Silence on the National Front

David Schwartz

August 24, 2015

The Iowa Hawkeyes have not been ranked since November of 2010. As the 2015 season approaches, David Schwartz writes how Iowa’s national profile is non existent

Questions for B1G Coaches

David Schwartz

July 30, 2015

David Schwartz has one question for each of the Big Ten’s 14 coaches

Schwartz: What Is a Hawkeye Fan?

David Schwartz

July 28, 2015

What is a Hawkeye fan? A true fan? Can you criticize? Can you be over the top with your praise? David Schwartz tackles this well debated question

Schwartz: Grateful for the Hawkeyes

David Schwartz

July 24, 2015

Dave Schwartz offers up a few reasons why he is grateful for the 2015 Iowa football season.

Remember to Remember

David Schwartz

July 14, 2015

Remember this because hope doesn’t deserve to win. Time shouldn’t heal all wounds and, sometimes, reality needs to give optimism the giant wedgie it requires.

The Best Ferentz Era Running Backs

David Schwartz

June 26, 2015

David Schwartz takes a look at the best of the Ferentz era at the running back position

Best Receivers of the Ferentz Era

David Schwartz

June 12, 2015

Iowa hasn’t been a wide receiver factory during the Ferentz era, but there have been memorable players and David Schwartz ranks them

In Kirk We (Used to) Trust

Ross Peterson

June 1, 2015

Ross Peterson of KXNO makes his HawkeyeNation.com debut with some of his sobering thoughts for the upcoming 2015 Iowa football season.

Schwartz: Iowa Football’s Big Hint

David Schwartz

May 24, 2015

HN caught up with former Iowa coach Eric Johnson last week. David Schwartz talks about the hints Johnson may have given pursuant to Iowa’s recent downturn.

Iowa Fans vs Television

David Schwartz

May 8, 2015

Iowa football season ticket sales are slow…real slow. However, David Schwartz points out that loss of revenue isn’t as powerful as it used to be.

Spring Game Instant Reaction

David Schwartz

April 25, 2015

David Schwartz was at the Iowa Spring Game and offers up some quick thoughts based on what he witnessed.

Spring Game: 10 Things to Watch

David Schwartz

April 24, 2015

Iowa holds their annual ‘Spring Game’ on Saturday. Dave Schwartz has ten things you should be watching if you make the trip to Kinnick

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